About David

David Greenberg has been working with large-scale (1000+ node) distributed systems since 2012. At Two Sigma, a top quantitative hedge fund with $35B assets under management, David was the Vice President who led the creation of their next-generation compute cluster, based on Mesos, enabling the cluster to scale to 30x more capacity than the previous generation.

David's true passion lies in three areas: the creation of robust and reliable distributed systems; the design and implementation of concurrent, randomized, and probabilistic analytics algorithms; and the communication of these systems and algorithms to employees of various technical backgrounds, from marketing managers to software architects.

David has spoken about concurrent algorithms, data structures, Mesos, distributed systems, and usability at many conferences, and he has authored the book Building Applications on Mesos, the reference for porting legacy software to Mesos and maximizing Mesos's benefit for greenfield projects.