Distributed Systems Expertise

In addition to distributed systems and Mesos, David also designs, customizes, and implements algorithms to improve business efficiency, with particular expertise in creating actionable metrics and improving the overall efficiency through self-tuning systems.

Scalable and Approximate Algorithm Design

David's background in combinatorics, scalable algorithms, and statistics allows him to design algorithms and metrics for distributed systems. Some of his specialties include designing actionable data quality metrics, parallelizing and distributing proprietary algorithms, and implementing optimization techniques to improve resource utilization and application performance.

Mesos Framework Implementation

David is one of the most experienced Mesos framework implementers in the world. He has implemented several production-quality frameworks, including a dynamically optimizing preemptive batch scheduler, an autoscaling microservices platform, and he was one of the designers of the isolated persistent volumes Mesos API. David can help your organization by building a Mesos framework to automate operations of your database or platform.

Technical Training

Having written the book on Mesos, David is always prepared to share his passion and knowledge with engineering teams interested in Mesos development and operations. He can customize training for you business, teaching your team how to design software and processes for Mesos and effectively plan for new and existing deployments.

Technical Due Diligence

David has deep experience in designing, developing, and implementing complex large-scale technologies.  In analyzing your business's or potential investment's technology, he will identify technical and architecture choices that will affect the project's risk, cost, and timeline. In addition to conversations with engineering staff, he will also engage with business development, in order to make actionable recommendations to find the best path forward, for a successful completion that meets both business and technical goals.